Hardwired Internet Using Powerline Ethernet Adapters and Wall Sockets

If you want to stream online content, you will need a reliable network to transfer the data. Wireless internet is a great solution, but for some people, the speeds and coverage are not good enough. Having a hard-wired home is the best solution. The speeds cannot be matched. For many, it can be difficult and costly to run Ethernet throughout the house. The other solution is to use powerline Ethernet adapters with the existing power lines and outlets in your home to transmit the internet. The idea is quite brilliant. You can use power adapters on specific wall sockets, to create a network to transfer files and stream online content. You can also use these adapters in conjunction with your existing router and switchers. It’s a great solution for anyone who wants the speeds of a wired connection without snaking and running Cat 6 cable.

How Do Powerline Ethernet Adapters Work?

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The concept is simple; the power lines running in the walls of your house are all interconnected to a circuit breaker box. These powerlines consist of copper wire that can transmit data signals. It is similar to Ethernet cable, but not as efficient. Ethernet cable is made-up of eight strands of twisted copper wire. Depending on how old the powerlines in your house are, may determine the speeds in which you are able to transmit data. In most cases, these powerline adapters should work fine for streaming most HD content and transferring data. The powerline Ethernet adapters plugin to the wall sockets and will communicate with each other to transmit the data. These adapters are great for rooms that a wireless connection can’t reach or older houses where walls are thick and not accessible.


Hardwired Internet Using Powerline Ethernet Adapters and Wall Sockets

The setup is straightforward. Just plug in one power line Ethernet adapter to a wall socket where your router is located and the other adapters to rooms in which you want to connect your devices. Then use the pair button on each adapter to sync them together. You can connect up to sixteen devices. You can also use these powerline adapters and up-link to another switch. This can expand your coverage and allow you to plug in multiple devices like a streaming box, game console, DVD player or smart TV. These powerline Ethernet adapters are compatible with many different countries.